Procedure Basics

Procedure Basics is our second foray into publishing printable educational material here at Curvo, in addition to our spotlight series. We publish a new Procedure Basic every quarter, and each copy highlights a surgical procedure.

The main idea behind the development and creation of Procedure basics is to provide educational material for healthcare executives, hospital supply chain professionals, and other non-clinicians on medical procedures for which they manage and buy products for.

Often times, there is a gap between the business and the clinical side of a hospital. And, many times, people are uncomfortable discussing cross-functionally. The fact of the matter is, behind every product sold, there is a surgeon who uses it – and a patient whose life depends on it. So, improving on clinical integration is integral for the patient’s health. And Procedure Basics is a great way of beginning to bridge the gap between these two important roles in a hospital, especially when it comes to orthopedic procedures.

Each Procedure Basic is built around great graphics to help convey medical procedures in an easy, quick, visual way. As a downloadable file, a Procedure Basic is sharable and an easily referenceable source of medical information.

At Curvo Labs, we want to make medical knowledge quickly accessible and the concepts easy to digest. We are proud to offer the Procedure Basics publication online to better equip supply chain leaders in healthcare. Browse the topics available and download a Procedure Basics PDF that is relevant to your area of interest!

Hip Replacement

Endomechanical Devices


Orthopedic Screws

Surgical Energy

Hip Fractures

Implanted Stimulators

Knee Replacements


Spinal Fusions