Procedure Basics for Insights About Orthopedic Screws

Orthopedic Screws

There are more products in use in surgery with the word “screw” attached to them than any other term. In orthopedics alone, there are about 250,000 parts in the Orthopedic Network News/Curvo database out of the 1.1 million parts.

What to Know: Features of Orthopedic Screws

Although the number of orthopedic screws may seem large, the sizes, threads, materials, heads, screw tips, and design reflect how and where they are deployed.

Below are some of the features of orthopedic screws.

Screw Length Ranges

  • Skull 2-38mm
  • Cervical Spine 6-66mm
  • Clavicle 6-34mm
  • Ribs 3-20mm
  • Lumbosacral 10-150mm
  • Shoulder 3-135mm
  • Elbow 4-125mm
  • Hand/Wrist 4-30mm
  • Finger 6-23mm
  • Acetabulum 12-70mm
  • Hip 14-180mm
  • Pelvis 35-100mm
  • Tibia/Knee 4-95mm
  • Ankle 4-185mm
  • Foot 3-130mm

Read the Procedure Basics to learn more about features of orthopedic screws.

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