A Quarterly Publication for Supply Chain Executives

Spotlight is a printable reference material designed for the healthcare supply chain professionals and clinicians who want to know more about the pricing and sourcing side of medical devices. Inside Spotlight, you will find trends in clinical categories as well as clinical category pricing.

One of the things our team at Curvo is passionate about, and can help with, is providing basic education and insights into the devices that supply chain is responsible for contracting. Many supply chain executives lack ready access to information on PPI devices and their relative benefits. But, they do know what they cost. Supply chain executives may be intimidated in their communications with the medical staff, who, when intelligently informed on the cost of the devices, are the first to recognize that the costs are not commensurate with the value that they are bringing to their patients. And since supply chain and physicians are on the same team, we hope to bridge the divide to help them communicate more effectively with each other.

Although the content of each Spotlight will vary from issue to issue, we will try to address the following for each clinical category being addressed: PROBLEM, PROCEDURES, PROVIDERS, PAYMENTS, PARTS and SUPPLIERS, PRICES, and PERFORMANCE. Not only will we highlight the top procedures being performed by clinical category, but also list the top providers based on the number of DRG (Diagnosis Related Groups) and CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) cases. Market share and pricing trends are always included to highlight movement in the market.

We want to emphasize that we are a provider-focused organization. And our goal is to help our providers achieve greater efficiencies in the delivery of care. The data and insights in the Spotlight publications are powered by Curvo and Orthopedic Network News. We know that device manufacturers are interested in these insights, but our clients are hospitals.

Browse the available Spotlight topics below and download printable versions to keep on your desk or share with colleagues!

Neurovascular Devices Vol 3 No 1

Peripheral Vascular Products Vol 2 No 3

Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) Vol 2 No 2

Coronary Stents Vol 2 No 1

Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) Vol 1 No 2

Breast Reconstruction Vol 3 No 2

Vascular Access: Dialysis – Vol 3 No 4

Announcing the First Curvo Spotlight

Heart Valves & Valve Repair Vol 2 No 4

Cochlear Implants