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Executive View: 5 Key Components for a Hospital Supply Chain Plan

Proactive supply chain leaders articulate a clear vision for their department because they know their decisions don’t affect clinical care – they also affect physician and nurse satisfaction. Supply chain leaders need to make a case for investing in efficient, value-based supply chain management before senior leaders set goals for their department.

GIC© A Multidimensional Classification System for Clinical Products

Medical device classifications systems, such as the Generic Implant Classification (GIC)©, are an important tool for healthcare supply chain teams. They help teams compare clinical products and identify variables that determine what drives the success or failure of certain products. GIC is considered the gold standard because of its high accuracy with clinical product data due to its multidimensional nature. Built with surgeons and clinicians, […]

Savings Work Plan Template

A Savings Work Plan Template For Agile Sourcing If we learned anything from 2020, it’s that healthcare supply chain needs to be proactive.

Data Enrichments That Drive Clinical Integration Ebook

The importance of data enrichments in enterprise data strategy for hospitals CIOs, supply chain leaders, clinical service line leaders, & healthcare data analysts. To succeed with data, healthcare systems need the right data paired with the right strategic enterprise data strategy. They need quality, rich data that’s both actionable and accurate.

Supply Chain’s Guide To Partnering With Surgeons

Tips & Advice for Supply Chain on Winning Over Physicians Healthcare supply chain teams invest a great deal of time and energy into telling the story of their clinical data analysis. In this supply chain guide, Brad Nash and Kelley Young share the presentation tips that have helped them gain buy-in from surgeons and result in an ideal partnership.

10 Data Cleaning Steps Guide

A Clinical Data Normalization Guide For Improved Insights For Healthcare Providers Good data is the foundation for better analytics, faster processing, and crystal-clear data-driven decisions – especially in healthcare supply chain.