Curvo announces new agreement with Capstone Health Alliance

Evansville, Indiana, June 6, 2017 – Curvo Labs is pleased to announce a new agreement with Capstone Health Alliance offering their members access to Curvo’s automated spend management software which helps reduce clinical & PPI spend with speed, ease and effectiveness. Curvo’s platform eliminates manual work and shortens contracting cycles by automating data enrichment, opportunity analysis, RFP workflows, vendor engagement, and continuous price monitoring. Capstone members will have access to Curvo to help manage and exceed cost savings initiatives.

Capstone Director of Purchased Services, Jackie Dula, said, “We have already seen significant success from use of the Curvo system within our membership. We are excited to offer Curvo’s unique approach in strategic sourcing to our full membership.”

Curvo Sales Director, Jason Koehne, said, “Curvo is focused on delivering constant and measurable value to our clients. Capstone members can now experience a true “start to finish” spend management platform enabling them to efficiently source more categories and save their hospitals significant money.”


About Capstone

Health Alliance Capstone Health Alliance is a group purchasing alliance of healthcare members that delivers real cost savings through the power of aggregation and collaboration. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Capstone represents over $6 billion in acute care supply chain spend. To create the best savings opportunities for our members, we pair Premier’s national portfolio with our local aggregation model – blending the best of national and regional contracting – to continually expand our extensive portfolio of more than 600 preferred pricing agreements. Capstone delivers quantifiable savings and actionable data that enable better supply chain decisions for our member facilities. In addition to cost savings initiatives, Capstone members collaborate to share best practices and pursue resource utilization initiatives, all with the intent of improving cost, quality, and outcomes in patient care. To learn more visit