Curvo Adds Go-To-Market Expert, COO of Relativity, to Advisory Board

Nick Robertson, Go-To-Market expert and COO of Relativity, will help Curvo move to the next level of customer-centered growth.

EVANSVILLE, INDIANA, – October 13, 2020: Healthcare supply chain Software-as-a-Service company Curvo Labs, Inc., welcomes distinguished business leader Nick Robertson as a senior advisor to the board. “Curvo is positioning senior advisors to guide each key function of the business,” says Curvo CEO, Andy Perry.

“Welcoming Nick as a senior advisor to the board is a great privilege, and we are honored to get to work with him,” commented Perry. “Nick joined Relativity at a very early stage and has led many functions at various times through its incredible growth. His relentless focus on customers and products that deliver value has been behind that success and will shape how we go-to-market at Curvo, grow, and help clinicians and supply chain stakeholders make better, faster decisions about the medical devices they use.”

Nick Robertson is COO at Relativity, where he led go-to-market strategy and execution that helped grow Relativity from a start-up to the leading global software provider of e-discovery and legal technology solutions.

Curvo advisory board member, Kent Parker, had this to say about Robertson: “In working with Nick during my years on Relativity’s board and observing his leadership first-hand, I believe his experience will be a perfect fit for Curvo. In the half decade I have interacted with Nick at Relativity, he has helped the company scale from small cap to mid cap. Nick is one of the original Relativity executive leaders still involved in the executive ranks of the business. That kind of tenure is nearly unheard of in tech, and it’s what gives Nick such powerful insights into scaling a company. He has seen all sides of the process.”

Nick has worn many strategic hats throughout his time with Relativity, including leadership roles in marketing, sales, and customer success. Not only has he seen one company navigate multiple stages of growth, he’s experienced it through the lens of multiple departments, giving him a unique combination of insights into growth and scalability. Through all leadership roles, Nick has a relentless focus on customers – a value well aligned with Curvo.

Robertson said the following upon joining as an advisor: “I’m excited about the product and the team at Curvo. From my first interaction with Andy Perry and the executive team I felt several shared values—including an intense focus on product and customers, and a willingness and desire to learn and grow. I love the problem they’re solving and the improvements they’re bringing to help providers make a dent in the cost of healthcare.