Monument Health

Success Story:
Monument Health

Headquartered in Rapid City, South Dakota, Monument Health offers care in 31 medical specialties in 38 clinics and five hospitals in 12 communities across the state’s western regions. With a separate vendor for each of Monument’s four major orthopedic product categories – total joints, spine, trauma, and sport medicine – they wanted to explore cost-saving options like supplier consolidation with Curvo Propel.

Brad Haupt, VP of Supply Chain and Dr. Deepak Goyal, Medical Director at Monument Health understood the challenges of optimizing supply chain and finding cost savings. With South Dakota’s low-density population, Monument’s choice of suppliers is dramatically reduced to those with a local presence and systems in place to deliver the level of service they need. The organization’s limited internal supply chain’s bandwidth also prevented Monument from dedicating the resources needed to research and negotiate the best pricing possible.

Download the case study to learn how Monument Health saved $1.2 million annually across four orthopedic product categories.



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