Success Story:
Enloe Health

An independent third party interviews Alan Weintraub, Chief Procurement Officer and Director of Support Services at Enloe Health, to find out the impact that Curvo has had.

Their Needs

Because Enloe looks at supply chain management as a contributor to quality, Mr. Weintraub set out to make their contracting process more efficient. Historically, hospitals use a manual approach to accepting bids. They receive paper-based RFPs and Excel-formatted pricing proposal spreadsheets.

Traditionally, someone has to manually review all these materials and figure out where the best opportunities are. Then they need to talk to the physicians and discuss how to commit their market share. It’s a labor-intensive and time-consuming process.

“I came across Curvo at just the right time,” Mr. Weintraub tells us. “I was looking for a tool that could handle the bidding process electronically … without needing to be associated [mandatory] consulting.”