Baton Rouge General Hospital Success Story

Baton Rouge General Hospital Success Story


Learn about the latest trends in cochlear implants in this spotlight publication for supply chain executives from Stan Mendenhall and team.

An independent third party interviews Todd Daniel, Materials Management Director at Baton Rouge General Medical Center, to find out the impact that Curvo has had.

Their Needs

Traditionally, it takes three to six months for Baton Rouge General Medical Center (BRGMC) Materials Management Director, Todd Daniel, to do an RFP from a vendor or set of vendors. He wanted to go to market more easily and quickly. Also, price changes keep happening, and he had no mechanism to catch those as they happen. “It might be a small thing, like a box of room deodorizer. But when the price triples on that box, it’s a $10,000 annual price creep,” Mr. Daniel explained.

BRGMC needed an efficient way to see where they were paying too much for hundreds of products.